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Boxing is there for at least more than 2000 years, and it has always being a Man’s sport ever since it was originally found and it was fought with Fists. Woman Boxing started back in the 1700s only as an exhibition. Then officially woman boxing started at 1950’s for women. Those times women were using the Small boxing gloves which were used by men. Then it was only later; those gloves were specially made for women. There is a notable difference between a men and women gloves. They are as Follows. Some Basic Difference Between Men and women Boxing gloves are; Size of The Gloves:-  Women have smaller and much slimmer hands than the men. Women boxing gloves are specifically made and tailored to their hand size to protect their small and slimmer hands which are suitable just for their hands. Women do agree with the fact that, Women’s gloves […]

Golf has become a favorite hobby of people in different parts of the world, and everyone wants to hit the golf course these days. If you have just started playing this game, and are still in the learning mode, you should be careful about what golf club set you to purchase. In a golf set, you usually get driver, hybrid, wood, putter, irons and pitching wedge. They also give a bag where the clubs are stored. Clubs for beginners are designed a little differently. Here is a list of best beginner golf club sets you can choose from: Callaway Men’s Strata Club Set In this set for beginners, there are 12 pieces. You will find 9 clubs which are designed according to what a beginner would be comfortable with. There will be 2 head covers as well. Clubs would come in a bag. You will find an oversized driver, along […]