Difference Between Men’s & Women’s Boxing Gloves

Boxing is there for at least more than 2000 years, and it has always being a Man’s sport ever since it was originally found and it was fought with Fists. Woman Boxing started back in the 1700s only as an exhibition. Then officially woman boxing started at 1950’s for women. Those times women were using the Small boxing gloves which were used by men. Then it was only later; those gloves were specially made for women. There is a notable difference between a men and women gloves. They are as Follows.

Some Basic Difference Between Men and women Boxing gloves are;

Size of The Gloves:- 

Women have smaller and much slimmer hands than the men. Women boxing gloves are specifically made and tailored to their hand size to protect their small and slimmer hands which are suitable just for their hands. Women do agree with the fact that, Women’s gloves fit better in their hands than the men’s Gloves and they do feel very comfortable with that. Gloves which fit better in the hands improve performance and fits in better.boxing gloves

Gloves Types :- 

Gloves come in various sizes, Types, Weights and Brand names. Women Gloves closing has features ranging from Type of lace, the selection of Hook, the loop and type of materials in gloves ranging from leather and vinyl. These choices are available for both men and women, and choices narrow down based on usage and preference. Choosing a glove of their type based on preference helps to improve the performance better. Other than the gloves size, The difference between men and women boxing gloves have a lot to offer the good range of colors and Comfortability. Choosing the wrong type of gloves will lead to injury in the hands so always make sure to seek help from the professional trainer when purchasing Boxing gloves.https://www.top-boxing-gloves.com/hand-wraps/

Gloves Size And Weight:- 

When you choose a pair of gloves, It is very important to make sure whether they fit your hands or not. Women chose gloves based on their size and lost of them would go for sizes like Smal and medium. But that is different with men, as most of the men would go for large gloves. Nobody wants to wear gloves if they are heavy, so it is very important to consider the weight as a very important factor when purchasing gloves. Professional Boxers in the ring will use 8-ounce gloves provided their body weight is around 145 pounds. If anything more than 145 Pounds, They would go for 10-ounce gloves. Meanwhile, women during the training would go for 12 ounces of gloves and men use gloves which weigh 16 ounces. Gloves vary from small, medium, large and extra large.

Other Factors When Going For Gloves :- 

Retailers who sell boxing gloves have so many ranges and choices of gloves for women. Gloves should feel comfortable and also fit the wrist perfectly. Also, gloves can stretch over the time, So it is very important to wear gloves little tight and make sure about the size when trying the gloves or else you will feel very small after the purchase. Leather gloves also last little longer than the vinyl gloves and the very good gloves will prevent the impact of punches than inferior ones.

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